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On Being Special

By Mike O’Connor There are those who sail serenely through life and others whose passage is fraught with storms and cyclones. If, like me, you are a member of the latter tribe, you would have become aware from a very early age that you were `special’’. As a child, you would have spent a lot of time being rushed between your home and the emergency department of the nearest hospital with various life threatening complaints. Some of these would have been self induced, the result of swallowing a variety of small metal objects and learning how to unscrew the top […]

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Fun In The Sun

By Mike O’Connor One of the few joys of winter is the legitimacy it lends to fantasies of summer holidays for if the cold winds blow, warm days must surely follow When I was at school, the year pivoted around the Christmas holidays. As I trundled home from the tram stop, westerly winds whipping at my grey serge pants, I was sustained by visions of Greenmount’s white-bleached beaches and long, rolling surf. My parents organised the annual holiday to the coast – all I had to do was get out of bed and dressed on the appointed day and jump […]

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