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Mike Book


“The first day I went to work at News Limited, I spotted Mike O’Connor in the corridor, and it was like a music lover spotting Elvis Presley at Graceland.
For columnists like me, he set the bar, and continues to do so, week in, week out, giving us all that special O’Connor touch, deft, and truly funny stories of the everyday, told with warmth and candour.
Everywhere I go I am asked two questions – ‘Do you know Mike O’Connor?’, and ‘Does everything he says happens to him, happen to him?’.
The answers are happily, yes and absolutely, yes – although there may, or course, be a touch of artistic licence here and there. It is not commonly acknowledged truth that it is much harder to make readers laugh than cry – that Mike can do both so well is testament to his talent.
Everyone has a favourite Mike O’Connor column, I have quite a few – lets hope ours are in here!”
– Frances Whiting Columnist Sunday Mail
Feature Writer Q Weekend
Author Walking on Trampolines